Homeowners' association sent alligator warning days before deadly attack


A south florida park where a woman was killed by a twelve and a half alligator friday is still closed officials in debut investigating how the gator managed to snatch the forty seven year old is walking her dogs abc's gio benito gio benitez rather is at the scene of the attack to live in matsui's gated community say she took her dogs for a walk here a few miles away from home because two days earlier neighbor found a large alligator on her porch shortly after the homeowners association actually sent out a notice warning residents about that alligator warning them to be careful now residents here we're told actually complained about alligators before and traps were set hoping to catch them the city had set those traps but clearly this gator eluded those traps gio benitez abc news david we've learned today that a usa today reporter has died apparently hit by a drunk driver in northwest washington dc orrin durell 's wife virginia says she hopes her husband's death will bring attention to dui enforcement in the capital's busy entertainment district i really hope that the city considers doing something about eighth street and just keeping people safe down there because it is such an attraction now police say the fiftythreeyearold reporter was riding his motorcycle and he was hit by a car friday nights daryl alexander was arrested nearby for driving under the influence komo news time one twenty nine and update from abc news next as we await the summit between president donald trump and north korea's kim jong you should research says the download the speed pass plus app.

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