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Welcome to another episode of the crackpot. The podcast all about why being alive is more interesting than people think it is. My name is Alex Schmidt, and I'm the head of podcasting here at cracks. I'm also known as Midi declaim and I am also also here to tell you about the most incredible heist. You've probably never heard of. Let me play you. The sound of that heist succeeding at this announcement event in twenty ten. This is the public notary. Of the city of Zurich. He gives me the envelope that is the voice of sept-. Bladder Sep was the president of soccer governing body fica, and he speaking at a fief news conference slash ABC's the bachelor style reveal ladies and gentlemen. I do hope. That. The name of the winner is on both sides because I don't know. So the twenty eighteen fee vote Cup twenty eighteen volt Cup, ladies and gentlemen will be overnight caused. Okay. What was that noise that was like, scream and a boo, and also trumpets section somehow if they if they gave bachelor roses to that, I would watch that show like, that's that's how you let the ladies know what I mean or men the bachelorette they do a lot either way that was not the only announcement that day they announced to World Cup host countries. Here's Seth with the twenty twenty to build up, shall I call the. Condie dates, Australia. Japan, korea. Talk United States of America and after he got done reading every country on earth's name, separate off the band aid, do we to organize the two twenty two fee volt Cup is. Yeah, more screaming and booing in tooting. That's what I look for. Also, I hope everybody looks at an event like that closely. It touched off investigations, scandals allegations of bribery and all kinds of other corruption. You probably haven't even heard of because the World Cup is happening this week, if you're listening to win this drops, and that is not just a sporting event. It's like a plotline from the godfather, and most people don't even know it. Our topic this week is the World Cup's dark side and whether or not you like soccer, this episode is for everybody. It's particularly for you if you live in the US Canada or Mexico, because in a couple of days they're going to announce whether or not your country is hosting the twenty twenty six World Cup. See, you should know what your tax dollars are going toward, but either way soccer in this case is much bigger than sports. It is politics. It is how money moves around. And it is how one guy rented out most of Trump Tower for his cats. I know that sounds made up. We'll get into it because we're getting into a lot. We're going from soccer all the way to house sports can be used to prop up dictatorships. And my key guess for that as Dr Natalie cook, she is an associate professor and Hanley faculty scholar in the department of geography at the Maxwell school at Syracuse, university go orange, and she is a scholar who is Devon deep into house sports and politics, and central Asia, all collide in really strange ways. And some of those ways in history and today prop up dictatorships. My other guests today is damore Brown, joins me anelle a and you know him. If you follow comedy and or podcasting, we are really lucky to have him from Harmon town from channel. One from so many other things that lead to all of the entertainment you like. So what a pair of gas. I can't wait for you to hear them and hear us get into it. Let's do that now. Please sit back or lean forward and make some World Cup picks. There's a lot. There's actually a lot of exciting soccer going on even with the US out of it like Iceland in for the first time Panama's in for the first time, Belgium might just like win it. Can you believe that Belgium, how about them in that either way? Enjoy this episode of the cracks podcast with Dr Natalie cook and Moore's Brown, I'll be back after we wrap up talk to you. I

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