Colin Kaepernick, NFL quarterback, honored by Amnesty International for inequality protests


News time coming up on five thirty nine an nfl star whose career was sidelined for the way he advocated for better race relations in america is being honored by a leading human rights organization amnesty international giving former nfl quarterback colin kaepernick it's embassador of conscience award for his take any protests of racial injustice that launched a sports movement and might have cost him his job in acceptance speech at amsterdam kapernick calling police killings of blacks and latinos in the united states lawful lynchings adding radicalized depression and dehumanisation is woven into the very fabric of our nation previous recipients of the award include south africa's nelson mandela and young women's education advocate malala yousafzai dave packer abc news program donald trump celebrates nearly two hundred fifty years of us french relations by hosting president emmanuel macron at white house state dinner tuesday the festivities begin monday when the president and the first lady and macron and his wife dine at mount vernon george washington's home along potomac river in virginia tuesday morning the president will formally welcome at role during an elaborate ceremony on the white house south lawn mr trump is the first president in nearly one hundred years to end his first year in office without receiving a foreign leader on a state visit an actress on the tv show smallville about a young superman pleads not guilty to sex trafficking charges wcbs correspondent mike smells reports that allison mack is accused of recruiting women into a self help group and were then forced to have sex with its leader keith ranieri remarry allegedly with the help of mac would handpick women to be a part of a special group that would get direct teachings from rene the admission for getting in was to handover sensitive information about themselves including nude photographs and the rights to their assets prosecutors say those women then ended up as rainier personal sex slaves branded with his initials on their hip mac would allegedly received some type of financial benefit for recruiting the women mack entered her plea in brooklyn federal court a hearing is scheduled for monday wbz news time is five forty one that means it's time for sports with charlie bursar on from the get dot com sports studio good afternoon bill bruins.

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