Matt Harvey loses spot in New York Mets starting rotation


Sports radio sixty six on a saturday morning and the greatest city ever created how the heck are you evan roberts for the next two and a half hours until new york e achey baseball's the steak on jay's gallo and lougee they're doing all the hard work we'll talk to you for the next two and a half hours he's forty yesterday on this radio station and certainly on the midday show we spent a lot of time talking about matt harvey a lot of time figuring out what's wrong with matt harvey a lot of time figuring out what to do with matt harvey matt harvey was the big story yesterday and here's the cold hard reality the reality is the new york yankees needs sunny gray more than the new york mets need matt harvey at this point at this point when you look at these two teams in the way they're built and the way other guys in the rotation are throwing right now the yankees need sunny gray more than that's me mets need matt harvey the mets could easily say all right matt you're going to the bullpen and jason vargas can take that spot we'll see what zack wheeler can do and we'll see if stephen matts can put together a solid year but when you look at the new york yankees and this is the thing the last couple of days we've taken a lot of phone calls from yankee fans ripping brian cashman say how it brian cashman not add another starting pitcher and i'm not saying you're wrong if you suggest that clearly with the season garrett cole is off to the achey is look bad that they didn't trade for garrett cole absolutely not disagreeing with the statement but even if the traded for garrett cole even if the.

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