Microsoft releases its first Linux product

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Has bridge to more permanent housing options the temporary shelters are intended to cut down on the ad hoc and campaigns that have sprung up around the city voters passed a bond measure to spend one point two billion dollars for supportive housing for the homeless over the next ten years but garcetti said quote homeless angelenos can't wait ten years to get off the streets homelessness in los angeles has risen forty nine percents since garcetti took office five years ago the democratic mayor is believed to be considering a run for the white house with recent trips to iowa and new hampshire i knew jaffe npr news software giant microsoft is doing an aboutface adopting the software of a former rival to improve the security of computing devices the company says it will use software based on the lennox operating system not its own windows operating system for new security features to protect internet connected consumer devices microsoft president brand smith says the threat was demonstrated by two thousand sixteen button at attack that took down large chunks of the internet by hijacking routers webcams and other connected devices on wall street monday the dow was up two hundred twelve points the nasdaq gained forty nine i'm jim hawk npr news in washington support for npr comes from npr stations other contributors include lifelock lifelock with norton works to help protect identities and the information on devices from cybercriminals learn more at lifelock dot com and the kresge foundation ed kresge dot.

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