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But i think it's a great job congressman is a great job you get to go to washington dc you get to make the laws that impact the rest of the country there's a lot of people are going to be interested in a republican nomination for that seat robin bosses one mice previous is potentially another one there'll be a lot of names there we're gonna actually bring in brian brian freely a little bit later in the show probably a right after we hear from from paul ryan speaker paul ryan what he thinks who the names are who might go for this what the future will hold for that congressional seat in wisconsin no dispute this is a big big news story today because as i said i'm shocked and surprise i know there was rumors about this i did not expect it well see the reason i did expect it i guess is because of the political report from months ago when they said that this was going to happen and they also said by the way he's going to deny it because it doesn't help him do what he's trying to do doesn't help him as a house speaker if people think he's a lame duck and i know we're gonna gonna go to a report here shortly but for publicans this is a warning sign beyond are warning signs if there's a big blue wave common and speaker paul ryan says i don't want to be part of this is that why you think he's not ready we're we're going to hear from the speaker himself this this is not doesn't suggest to me but this is a positive for the republican party and i i would be worried as i think most republicans are rightly so that there's something big and bold happening that's not going to be helpful to our cause come november you pay less for full service we're at the forefront of this revolution and one day the six percent real estate agents will catch on and be doing the same but as long as you're willing to pay more for the same it won't change so get.

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