Judge Tapped as Privilege Master in Cohen Case, Stormy Daniels Intervenes


The tom shillue show i'm with katie pavlovich and ross bennett and we're talking i mean we were talking conway he got his make america great again hat he got it signed by the president and he tweeted that out now here's something a judge in new york city has ruled that a new york city bar can refuse service to a trump supporter wearing a mega hat what do you think of this this happened wednesday this is a new decision this this is not fake news i'm reading from the fox news website kicked out of a bar in new york city for wearing a makeamericagreatagain hat is that does katie shrug your shoulders you don't mind that i think if you're a private business you should be able to monday business like you want to but i also think if we're going to have the standard that people don't who don't want to bake cakes for gay weddings should also be loud not to bake cakes for gay weddings business what are the rules here we go consistency judge made the comment that the thing about not not allowing discrimination against religion it's not against politics i'll maybe it should be against politics i think you can't you can't discriminate by sex religion sexual preference gender blablabla nothing ended about political and political stuff is not considered a religion that's how all the campus pamphlets are too when they talk about discrimination there's nothing in there about discriminating against students who have conservative viewpoints or libertarian view points there probably should be because they're discriminated on campus on about being led into a bar worse for sure it's not as i don't see people protesting on campus duty your religion but they will protest if you show up with the republican club or something right ross did you read this this legal document because the lawyer made that argument she said supporting trump is not a religion that's the lawyer representing the happiest our her name is elizabeth conway do you know harass or yeah but the real question is how much do you how do you define religion.

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