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Barack and Michelle Obama sign film, series production agreement with Netflix



Class the hawaiian volcano observatory warns new outbreaks of lava remained possible fill doormen in honolulu a prominent australian archibishop is facing prison time after being convicted of covering up child sex abuse during the nineteen seventies sixty seventy year old catholic archbishop of adelaide philip wilson is the most senior roman catholic cleric to be convicted of the charge the bbc phil mercer has more from sydney the archbishop was accused of covering up abuse by paedophile priests in the hunter valley of new south wales in the nineteen seventies philip wilson who held a junior position in the catholic church at the time faces up to two years in prison his lawyer said he had no knowledge of offenses committed against a child by member of the clergy who was later convicted of sexual abuse and died in prison in two thousand and six but a magistrate said the evidence against on special wilson was truthful and reliable phil mercer and sydney this is npr news former president and first lady barranca michelle obama have signed a multi year deal with net flicks to produce films and tv series as npr's tv critic eric vegans reports it gives the media savvy couple a platform to potentially reach a hundred and twenty five million households and one hundred ninety countries as president barack obama was often astute about using media in new ways to spread his message including trading bars with zach galifianakis on his satirical online interview show between two ferns it must kind of stink though that you can't run three times actually i think it's a good idea five ran a third time and be sort of like doing a third hangover movie then really work out very well now the former president and his wife michelle obama will develop their own programs under an agreement between netflix and their company called higher ground productions neither net nor the obamas have set how much the couple was paid for the deal or what projects they might undertake i both obama's are.

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