Nipah virus outbreak claims three lives in India


And supposedly safe spaces where individuals could live their lives cook dinners do the homework feed their dogs host their friends and their families to see their work in we'll come home from work to it was a human space for human lives each unique there's been international condemnation of venezuela's presidential election which saw nncholas maduro reelected in a landslide but with the lowest turnout in decades washington called it a sham and threatened sanctions against venezuela's allimportant oil sector most opposition politicians are either in jail or by car to the vote mr medeiros main challenger and refile cone described the election as flawed and called for a rerun the authorities in india have sent a team of medical experts to the southern state of kerala to investigate the outbreak of rare deadly infection the nipah virus three people from the same family died after contracting it this symptoms include fever vomiting and headaches making the virus hard to diagnose carolina's health secretary rajiv sadan says fruit bats of the primary source for the virus trying to draw blood samples from these widely by and testing for antibodies to find do this they are inside the second host are the domestic animals especially pigs dogs cats and so on and what we do know is that that has been human to human transmission the world health organization says it's much better place to deal with the current ebola outbreak then it wasn't twenty fourteen when thousands of people died in west africa but tetris at hannam said it was worrying that the diseases spread to a major city in the democratic republic of congo forty five cases if a bulla have been reported in congo at least twenty six people are believed to have died officials in the democratic republic of congo say ten people have been killed in an insurgent attack in the east they said the assault and the benny region was carried out by a ugandan rebel group the allied democratic forces world news from the bbc this is wnyc i'm shumita basu in.

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