Rethinking Retirement Rules - Barron's


Short it was talking about how most people but not all people when they retire they drop one tax bracket and that and then when they hit seventy all of a sudden they got required minimum distributions at a lot of them delayed their social security till seventy so now guess what their income goes back up and they jump back up a bracket so during that goldilocks zone where you're in a lower bracket temporarily you reach seventy is a great time to do a roth ira conversion 'cause you're gonna do it in a lower bracket not pay as much tax and then later when you get above seventy and go back into a higher bracket guess what you already did it and now for the rest of your life you've got this tax rian come the problem in and you just pointed it out not everybody circumstances are like that sometimes people have some another one spouse continuing to work maybe they've got some other sources of income brackets not gonna fall and they're still things you can do but you gotta use it different strategy so where do you learn all this stuff how what's the first step what we would recommend folks is go to the website at the money our radio dot com and.

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