Golden State Killer case: Judge allows more of DeAngelo's DNA to be collected

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Geno three americans held in north korean prison are set to be released as we hear from steve kastenbaum we ask for your patience as we use every resource at artists bozell to properly identify a cause that obviously not steve kastenbaum but word of that move initially came from trump lawyer rudy giuliani which jeff zeleny reports has caused some annoyance at the white house the whole reason this is happening of course is because those broader discussions underway between a summit with the us president and the north korean leader but there is frustration here at the white house about why rudy giuliani the president's outside lawyer who does not have a security clearance is the one talking about this and here's steve kastenbaum the release of three americans citizens detained for months in north korea is imminent according to an official with knowledge of the ongoing negotiations the official told cnn north korea made the decision to free the americans two months ago reports in south korea's news mediate said they had already been taken out of a labor camp and moved to a hotel in pyongyang gang where they were getting medical care and political indoctrination the suspect believed to be the socalled golden state killer was in a sacramento courtroom today losing his bid to stop collection of more of his dna jim rupe has more attorney diane howard the public defender for former cop joseph di angelo tried to block the collection of more fingerprint and other dna evidence including photos of the seventy two year old suspect specifically of his genitals howard argue the warren should be stopped because it was approved before her client was arrested and charged the prosecution argued the collection should continue because it is non testimonial evidence and the judge agreed dangelo arrested on suspicion of twelve murders and more than fifty rapes in the nineteen seventies and eighties iran's foreign minister blasting president trump's threat to withdraw from that nuclear deal or hamad java says there will be no renegotiation i'm michael toscano from your breaking news station.

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