Kroger supplier recalls 35,000 pounds of ground beef that may contain plastic


All right on to other news what we see here i guess i have to check my freezer i do my shopping at kroger there's a beef recall for a possible contamination of plastic bits that has totaled more than seventeen tonnes the north carolina food processor j b s usa which supplies meet to kroger has recalled thirty five thousand four hundred sixty four pounds of raw ground beef after a consumer reported finding blue hard plastic pieces in one of the products the department of agriculture food safety and inspection service made the announcement late wednesday noted while there have been no confirmed reports of adverse reactions there were concerned that some of the product may be in people's freezers frozen according to cnn the recalled items were produced on march the twenty second and distributed to stores in indiana in virginia i guess that would exclude me because i shop in ohio okay so and indeed there their march twenty second how long do people leave their ground be frozen in the freeze it's a distinct possibility that there could be some out there anyway the meat carries in e s t of there's a number esp three four one seven six that would be the stamp inside the usda mark of inspection and it's been packaged under the the labels kroger ground beef private selections angus beef kroger ground sirloin and all natural laura's lean beef those are the products so you're looking for the e s t three four one seven six they urged consumers to avoid eating the meat to throw it away or return it where you purchased so there you go yeah at least it's not you're not an e coli thing or something along that line but i guess it's gotta deal where you might take a bite of your burger and saying what the hell's that chunk of plastic all right for the last what's it been.

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