Malaysia's Najib Takes to Social Media to Defend Record


Latin america's largest economy the firm has lost thirty four billion dollars market value since the strike began last week and shortages of food and fuel have shut airports schools and businesses the bank of england is denying a rift with the uk treasury that's after the financial times said deputy governor for financial stability john condliffe had fallen out with the treasury over concerns it would give away regulatory control after the european union rejected the uk's original proposal however a b o e spokesman says there's no truth in the idea of a policy split malaysia is scrapping the plan kuala lumpur singapore high speed rail line to help revive the country's financial health new prime minister mahathir mohamad says he's canceling the projects that was signed under the administration of his predecessor now geographic mahadzir says his decision is final and accepts that malaysia will have to pay contractual penalties for axing the deal and billionaire french businessman surged esau has died at the age of ninety three he inherited an aviation empire from his father marcel who designed planes in world war one and expanded into real estate auction houses and the media now staunchly conservative docile rebuffed efforts by president mitterrand's to nationalize.

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