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Do and he was never trained for battle the japanese took down one of their aircraft he was recognized and honoured across the nation as a hero he was given the navy cross in nineteen forty two as well as a purple heart there are schools named and streets named after him in america there are some statues that are oppressing somebody someplace wasn't it didn't happen right away because the navy never released his name they just they named everybody else but not him because he was black it was the pittsburgh courier that was the first to our report his identity ironically the story ran next to a story about a jury probing a lynching in missouri that was the world and that was the country he was fighting for about a year later he was on another ship japanese torpedo struck the ship that needed the aircraft bomb magazine he died here's a guy that had every reason to complain every reason to to look at everybody and say you're not even looking at me as a person the abolition insists the wedgwood you know the the plate maker in the china maker they were finally convinced to to join in as abolitionists and they made these wedgewood plates which were very it was a sign that you were in the right group and

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