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What is orange and yellow represent cheese yellow cheese yeah without a doubt which is in arguably one of the things as ever pro fees oh also main flavor trees salty sweet better cheese them out in a menu like if you're making chips and you you go to flavor no yeah you gotta mitch yes if this cheese you gotta bring up this is one of them grain hits it also has greg is fresh green is freshness great this red zest and spies blue green green coolness refreshing right yeah there's a lot of drinks that blue represents water even water clear but let us blue on the yeller i feel like cheese cheese what other colors is our that's all of them yeah ehlers ever beige is like lot yeller yeah say everything is kinda fucked that up because like brown foods that are physically food itself is bri is bays that head but we're talking about like packaging and marketing and stuff so as meter soup brown is definitely made her su soup bharti's round is hardy hardy yes hardy stuff yeah hardee's has my flipflop i know it sounded like a bomb went off because i have fucking hobbit fake colors or is not that there is like food prominent thune sellers and everything variation of those probably yeah i think that's pretty extensive actually have three primary colours greens version of bluer roy g dog yeah there you

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