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Morning from a burger chef restaurant and speedway apparent abduction came during what appears to have been a robbery the nineteen seventy four vega belonging to assistant manager was recovered during the day saturday the car was parked about a block and a half from speedway police headquarters the fbi joins the case under the twenty four hour presumptive rule it presumes that a person or persons of ducted in a kidnapping have been taken across the state line within twenty four hours of the incident then becomes a federal offence an fbi spokesman told us they are involved in the case and they are treating it as a kidnapping beyond that he would say nothing casey wibc news report from november nineteenth indiana state police were called a wooded area near state route thirty seven johnson county road seven hundred north sunday afternoons on the reported bodies in the area state police were notified by johnson county located the people who were abducted from the burger chef and speed wife have been taken to the johnson county hospital at franklin for autopsies the cause of death will be determined their major allen says state police detectives who checking out some leads this morning you're about to hear some descriptions of how the four were found gets a bit harsh daniel davis and ruth shelton had been shot execution style they were next to each other on the ground down jane free was murdered with the night the handle of the knife broke off and was never found mark fleming's died from choking on his own blood police think he might have run into a tree while trying to escape and knocked himself unconscious they also say he was beaten with a chain dog landon and power lines down white martin this baden where the bodies were found a way to this guy getting will be arriving shortly adele began this through the area searching for clues and they have been overlooked as darkness fell when the bodies were discovered ecstasy reinforces the question that everyone seems to be asking this morning why lee daniels wibc news the world labor for instance people in the speedway area and in the center grove area johnson county for noticed anything suspicious over the weekend or anyone i noticed anything suspicious to call the speedway city police are the indiana state place with any information frightening reason for it just doesn't make sense people in speedway were frightened and.

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