John Williams, Marin County and Mrs Jackson Lucille discussed on Indy's Morning News with Tony Katz


Florida or hawaii daughter the money was found buried in two boxes in the desert north of phoenix later today against howard willard accused of involvement in a robbery and murder of fifty six year old recluse marjorie jackson the final day of the money for the state has been mostly of a technical nature fbi agent from georgia and there was on a retarded what they did and the third cooler than marjorie that wilbert hamilton full of lillard capture of phone booth and a trailer park north of doubled ryan w i b late afternoon following marguerite follow senator robert kennedy herald colder rambling story about the cross country travel of howard willard herald under tenyearold son driving different versions of the ital to follow the money maria the money in the desert in indianapolis philippeville expert shoulder discovery of the twenty two rifle allegedly used in the murder in the white river still henry wbz news he was at the club the night mrs jackson lucille waiting for robinson later supposedly told him he had used marjorie pollard rifled acute jackson willard also testified he had advised again setting the house on fire defied robinson's worry that fingerprints were left said he heard about the fire later on the radio he told the jury that was when he and pilot left indiana because in his words it was getting through several other characters were involved in the heist as well marin county sheriff's deputies say one of the tree now in custody in the case you loved them to deposit af where they found another forty two thousand dollars at the stolen cash john williams with the rest of the monday after the burglary along with another man and a woman he charged with being an accessory after the fact of murder williams also took a polygraph test and according to share folks sergeant bob warren has satisfied authorities turned over all the money since no one knows how much money was actually in the house it's unclear just how much of marjorie jackson's millions may still be unaccounted for a theory from an investigative reporter last year said an fbi agent who handled some of the money.

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