Dot, Fdic and Two Hundred Twenty Thousand Pounds discussed on The Financial Exchange


Ahead more than two hundred twenty thousand pounds of spam recalled over oral injuries how do i hurt myself how do i hurt my mouth eating spam you you hurt your mouth eating span spam when there are metal objects in the food that'll do it that would ruin your home meal would moon my i don't digest metal stuff row well no or spam e even like nexium and palaces bam and eggs you never had spamming narrates bam period you ever missed even been poor enough foyer putting it herons took way too good care of you monty python spam spam that was a classic but anyway i swear off spam no more spam for those metal objects the agency that looked into this found out that minor oral injuries were reported but said they received no additional reports of injury or illness i it'd be a lot of spam getting thrown out to me a metal object in my food would not qualify as a minor oral issue that's

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