Boston, Cleveland and Russell Westbrook discussed on The Matt Allen Show


Play defense but they're young just as well as boston and i just think the weapons that the warriors bring rather than houston against cleveland i think you're absolutely right i think that that would definitely sway the warriors side oh no they'd be a huge favourite but hey you know we'll have plenty of time to hopefully diagnose that'll be round four warriors cows and who knew we might end up there but the warriors have a huge hurdle decline and you know keep in mind a couple of years ago gentlemen if you remember they fell behind three games to one against the oklahoma city thunder you know the kevin durant russell westbrook led thunder and the wires came all the way back to win that series they've also been on the other side of it in the final that same year being a three games to one but under steve kerr when their backs been into the wall and faced elimination the only time they did stumble was game seven against the cavs a couple years ago so this team you know they've been stretched to their to their limit you know they haven't played well at times you know the turnovers haven't been good they've gotten into an isolation game the the rockets have made like really uncomfortable for him guys like pj tucker trevor aretha they've had big series and almost fell like once

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