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Starbucks plans to close eight thousand of its stores this afternoon to hold anti bias training jeffrey schaub at the berkeley marina where residents of a makeshift rv and captain are told to move out or have their vehicle's towed away by the city kcbs news time four thirty one cbs news update starbucks stores across the country will close after two o'clock this afternoon so employees can receive racial bias training company founder howard schultz this is not going to be a one day where we're going to do something and we're going to stay with the starbucks is responding to criticism over last month's controversial arrest of two black men at a store in philadelphia cbs's laura podesta starbucks says each store will receive a toolkit using video and discussion the first training will focus on understanding racial bias and the history of public accommodations in the united states the store closures are expected to cost starbucks about twelve million dollars pr expert alan adamson really strong signal to all their employees that the company is incredibly serious about this and willing to put big donors to make a difference cbs news update i'm deborah rodriguez cbs news time four thirty two it was fifty years ago next week that senator bobby kennedy was killed during his presidential campaign swing through los angeles cbs news correspondent michelle miller said the kennedy son robert junior is calling for a new investigation into his dad's assassination thanks to all of you gandhi kaga and let after winning the california democratic primary in the nineteen sixty eight presidential campaign senator robert kennedy left a jubilant crowd accident through the hotel kitchen.

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