US military service member killed in Somalia attack identified


Center and i heart radio station overnight a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms mostly cloudy low sixty nine showers thunderstorms likely sunday mainly after three pm mostly cloudy eightyseven monday of chance of more rain mostly cloudy and eighty four and a chance of showers and thunderstorms tuesday partly sunny eighty eight that's the forecast from your severe weather station news radio seven hundred wwl w the radar shows mostly clear skies in the tristate it is seventy one degrees right now a man who just last month was running the republican ticket foreign ohio how seat is claiming that he was assaulted by police told the deal samuel ronin ins encounter with spring borough police occurred early saturday morning and was streamed live by ronin on facebook ronin is reportedly facing charges that include obstructing justice but did not seem to know why he was being arrested outside of his home you don't you don't you haven't even told me what insurance what am i under arrest for getting out of my car parking it was just last month went ronin lost by a wide margin to first district congressman steve shabat in the republican primary mattress newsradio seven hundred wwl w the pentagon has identified the army soldier killed in somalia sergeant alexander konrad of chandler arizona was killed in friday's attack in southern somalia carried out by al qaeda linked alshabaab extremists the special operations soldier was part of a us advisor team accompanying eight hundred somalian kenyan troops when they came under mortar and small arms fire for other american soldiers were wounded in the attack staff sergeant chandler was assigned to first battalion third special forces group for bragg north carolina he joined the army in two thousand ten and had served two tours in afghanistan we martinez abc news washington here's a reds update hicks turning it loose swing and a miss and the reds have lost thirteen in a row the saint louis cardinals final score today sixty four marty brennaman with the call on saturday they ramp.

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