LeBron James can hit free agency again, and anything is possible - NBA


Not sure you could unless it's a guy with a not a great contract and maybe a teams looking to start over so the cavs are up against it they're way over the cap so obviously you guys you got guys like kyle korver and jr smith and and and love and tristan thompson and jordan clarkson were all locked in it at fairly sizable amounts of money varying degrees philadelphia has got the good young team and lebron ben simmons have a real nice relationship but ben simmons is a guy who do handles the ball and that's what the bron does because their relationship you'd give that a possibility and it's a good young team that made a nice run in the playoffs and you add lebron they figure the chemistry out they probably go to the finals but is that going to work lebron and ben simmons played together and then of course houston has been mentioned often as a possibility as well but they would have to deal with some serious capital shoes and how you'd figure that out chris paul wants to max and lebron wouldn't go there and less chris paul stayed you know james harden chris paul and lebron james who all play with the ball in their hands that would be hard to figure out that would be an interesting dynamic i you know that's you talking about three great players but you you know there's only one ball and what's the rest of the team looked like if you have to clear all that cap space if is that even possible so certainly the lebron james free agency when he ops out of his contract because he has one he does have an option year left when he opts out is going to be the biggest story line in the nba kevin durant can opt out and by all accounts he said flat out he staying not that he couldn't change his mind because he hasn't put pen to paper he says he's staying and there are some other interesting players that will be free agents and they'll be trades off season as there always are but the lebron james story this off season 'cause that's make or break it's make or break for communities l lebron james playing cleveland is worth millions and millions of dollars to the to the businesses in downtown cleveland by the arena is this is that will lose a lot of money if lebron james leaves not that he owes.

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