Epic Games makes a big announcement for ‘Fortnite’ on Android


Nineteen seventy six book the selfish gene the video premise imagines that people haven't ever evolving online data record which foster calls the selfish ledger and in the future how tracking behavior can determine the direction of how that behavior might have your desired result google tells the verge that the video was designed to be provocative and didn't relate to any specific products in development papoz mine is that'll swedish payments provider for two point two billion dollars in an all cash deal which is pay pows biggest purchase today's the deals expected to close in q three of this year is co founder and ceo jacob dear will report to pay pal coo bill ready is that'll filed for an ipo just over a week ago apple paid one point five billion euros into an escrow account set up by the irish government to hold thirteen billion euros in disputed taxes in august of twenty sixteen the european commission ordered apple to pay the taxes it ruled it had received as a legal state aid apple in ireland are both appealing that ruling last october the commission said it was taking the matter to the european court of justice over delays in recovering the money been rumors all week and now local news station in raleigh north carolina w r a l reports apple is set to open second headquarters there back in january apple said it wanted to establish a second headquarters beyond its cupertino california base and hire an additional ten thousand people w r a l reports the only hurdle apple faces now in raleigh is local legislators passing a bill to give apple a package of tax incentives tech companies already in the area include ibm cisco emc basf merck glaxosmithkline and pfizer and finally epic games announced that fortnight is coming to android the summer features will include a customizable head up to spl a new voice chat function exclusively for mobile epoch says it's also working on features like firing and auto run improving performance and introducing a battery saving mode and accessing in games two ticks while on mobile fortnight came to.

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