Bruce Yang, Washington Post and Sanders discussed on Science Fantastic Live with Dr. Michio Kaku


There's an tweet she was asked to leave of virginia restaurant last night wd bj tv reporter bruce yang the owner told the washington post today that she did it at the urging of her staff and because of sanders politics reaction in the real world with notes and signs from both sides came as the day wore on for what they did this restaurant was disgraceful but in the twitter verse comments came quickly republican delegate ben cline running to replace bob goodlatte in congress apologized via twitter just responded to her tweet with mine and so i saw sean spicer retweeted my tweet and it's hopefully it's gotten back to her that we love to see her and her family back in the rock ridge county area again the justice department says it's given house republicans new classified information related to the russia investigation after they had threatened to hold officials in contempt of congress or even impeach them spokeswoman for house speaker paul ryan says the department has partially complied with multiple requests from the house intelligence and judiciary committee's democrats have criticized the document requests which they say air intended to discredit the justice department this is.

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