OPEC agrees to increase oil production


Alert off even the most attentive parents can be forgetful discreet for grandparents to jim roope los angeles opec has agreed on a modest increase in oil production big consumers like the us china and india had called on the oil cartel to release more crude to help reduce prices and avoid a supply shortage iran went into the meeting arguing it wasn't a question of supply and demand and blaming trump administration trade decisions but ultimately saudi arabia persuaded its archrival to go along with a production hike although there was no clear indication of exactly how much more the opec producers will put into the pipeline i'm jan johnson kyw news time is eleven twenty two it's time for traffic and transit on the twos the westbound schuylkill expressway still basically crawling from right around gladwin as you make your way up towards conshohocken stayed road and this is all due to left lane construction nearing the blue route four seventy six once again that's on the westbound schuylkill expressway where you'll find heavy delays as you approach gladwin at this hour now eastbound on seventy six we have right lane construction between the blue route and belmont it's a little bit heavy approaching four seventy six at this hour now this construction and we'll be out there until around midnight or one o'clock in the morning we'll keep you posted otherwise in center city the vine street expressway is good to go ninety five in our mealey's furniture jam cams northbound in.

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