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The world is punching back at the us after it imposed steel and aluminum tariffs on countries around the globe european union tariffs go into effect today india and turkey now are targeting us products as our america's former friends canada and mexico russia and beijing also slapping back at us goods some of the stories we're following on first light today it's eighteen past sports time and robert workman is here aren't you gracious good morning to you evan nba draft last night in brooklyn new york the sons with the number one overall pick selected arizona senator de'andre and the kings took duke big man marvin bagley the third second don't that wasn't confusing then the hawks took rail madrid guard luca danni such only to trade him to the mavericks for the fifth pick overall oklahoma point guard trae young plus next year's number one ten trades in all on thursday night tonight it'll be the nhl entry draft the beginning in dallas under the first.

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