Banker’s Coup in Italy Won’t Stop Rebellion Against Bankrupt Empire


Counsel robert muller has brought additional charges against president trump's former campaign chairman and longtime associate correspondent sara murray says the new obstruction of justice charges fellow allegations of witness tampering keeping a very close eye on everyone involved in this case quitting paul manafort and if so what came earlier this week at a court filing has now turned into a new state of official charges against the president says russia should be reinstated in the g seven summit russia was kicked out in twenty fourteen after russian president vladimir putin's annexation of crimea president trump pretended the annual gathering in quebec he's leaving in a few hours singapore i'm morton eckerd this is bloomberg businessweek with carol massar and jason kelly from bloomberg radio if you take the european union and you see the kind of tariff they charge and then we don't that's called not fair trade i want fair trade i like free trade fair trade at a minimum i want fair trade that's president trump speaking about tariffs just one event in the past two years that have surprised policymakers companies and investors alike a few other words around the globe brexit currency meltdowns and argentina and turkey chinese slowdown and then the recent financial near implosion in italy muhammed hilarion writes this week about how without better policies growth in the global economy maybe ending very soon it's the international cover story i spoke with mohamed was joined by bloomberg's taylor rix i love things

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