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Third nba championship pedal in four years was a decisive one eighty five win over the cleveland cavaliers special counsel robert muller has brought additional charges against president trump's former campaign chairman and longtime associate correspondent sara murray says the new obstruction of justice charges fellow allegations of witness tampering keeping very close eye on everyone involved in this case including paul manafort and if so what came earlier this week in a court filing has now turned into a new spate of official charges against manafort the president says russia should be reinstated in the g seven summit russia was kicked out in twenty fourteen after russian president vladimir putin's annexation of crimea president trump attended the annual gathering in quebec he's leaving in a few hours to singapore i'm morton eckerd loon laura is bloomberg sports update brent gardner had a tie breaking two run homer on jacob degrom on an eighth inning change up in the eighties beat the nets four to one in the subway series opener after losing masahiro tanaka hamstring problems when the pitcher's sprint at home to score his first major league run giancarlo stanton added a ninth inning homer off paul siebel is twenty at city field the most among players it was the one hundred home run of the season for the yankees the most in the major leagues brandon nimmo homered in the first for the mets long run the mets have now lost seven in a row l have dropped nine straight home games to ground falls to foreign one on the season chad green wins and relief of tanaka aroldis chapman is sixteenth save the yankees now a big league best forty one and eighteen on the season the golden state warriors are the nba champions for the second straight season the warriors beat the cleveland cavaliers one zero eight to eighty five to sweep the.

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