Teen's arrest prompts new use-of-force investigation for Mesa police


La ford ain't gotta start and kitchens among drug addicts and convicts turning those experiences into the bestselling memoir kitchen confidential which led to his tv shows most recently parts unknown on cnn which one in four emmys he was also known for his take downs of celebrity chef culture railing against guy fieri and others bourdain leaves behind a teenage daughter he was sixty one jason nathanson abc news hollywood another incident showing mesa arizona police using violence during an arrest the police force has been taking heat for the recent arrest of an unarmed black man this is not the first time the mesa pd has been criticized for their use of force a new body camera video just released shows officers attempting to arrest a fifteen year old suspected armed robbery mommy wanna come out the officers claim he has a gun where's the gun police say that weapon was later found in a backpack nearby abc's marcus more reporting ten months after hurricane harvey devastated the texas gulf coast recovery has been a slow process despite the financial pressures imposed by a historic year of natural disasters the american red cross handed out four hundred dollar checks around houston in the days after harvey's arrival it's not that storm victims didn't appreciate it but there were so many bills right now the agency is offering assistance of up to two thousand dollars to people who suffered residential damage to the whole net you live in or could be your apartment that you're living in at that time the red cross expects about forty thousand families to apply for the new benefits jim ryan abc news dallas as a business owner do.

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