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A champion and that means the expectation is for them to continue to be champions and we'll see how the nba continues to adapt this summer and react to this dominance of the golden state warriors where's lebron gonna go when that domino falls worst paul george gonna go what's going to happen with kawhi leonard and san antonio is chris paul going to want to stick around in houston i mean there are so many players that could be on the move this off season and where they end up is anybody's guess and i think lebron james gonna have a lot of conversations he is done and done and done in cleveland you could tell tonight and by the way i felt like the cavs i felt like they quit tonight i did they threw in the towel and i heard franny on withdrew when i was driving in and you made a great point think about what that means for the golden state warriors to be in the nba finals i know the cavs aren't you know the the level of the golden state warriors they are representing the eastern conference for a fourth straight year in the finals and to get a fourtime eastern conference champion and a one time nba champion to throw in the towel and essentially quit on their home floor in the nba finals that just speaks to the merciless domination of the golden state warriors let's go out to don in my hometown the big town don and lafayette don you're on kabc tonight yeah i'm gonna bring one one thing up again about the jr thing in the first game i think it's all it was all to have ron jamie salt for not calling time out i've seen the warriors do that so many times on a rebound on the rebound they call it quits until they can reset the whole thing was lebron james solver not he was right there at the time he called time he started to call timeout only half a second left i remember that.

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