Florida Supreme Court Tries To Sort Out Facebook Friends


The rain will be locally heavy at times chance of seeing some lightning could even see some hail with these rain showers highs will stay mainly in the fifties both saturday and sunday the snow levels will be falling for this time of year as long and right now we have under cloudy skies in downtown seattle sixty one degrees at ten twenty five all state of florida supreme court considering whether judges can be facebook friends with attorneys speaking to the court attorney more you del says miami dade county judge should be removed from a case because she was facebook friends with an opposing lawyer we're not saying judges can't be on facebook just don't be facebook friends with lawyers who peer in front of you it goes back to the word i came up from the beginning which is optics it just doesn't look right you dell as part of a law firm that's a legal battle with a former client wants the judge to go based on the facebook friendship some justices on the florida supreme court seem to agree the judges should know better than to even appear to have a link to a case that they're considering other justices question whether being facebook friends really amounts to being friends there's no word on when the state supreme court in florida will issue a ruling in that case three rapes and a capitol hill park three years ago never connected until now komo's jennifer sullivan with more on why it took so long police say it took into late last year to test the dna pulled from the women who were raped at some point in late two thousand seventeen we were notified that there was a match the reason for the delay in testing police say a backlog dna samples sitting at the washington state patrol crime lab we've known for a while that we had all these kids setting untested representative tina or while has been the force behind more money more staff even a plan to send dna to private labs and why are lab needs all the resources that we can give them that these cases can be brought forward state patrol spokesman kyle moore said quote due to the large volume of dna cases submitted to the lab scientists have to prioritize cases the seattle police department did not indicate any of these cases were a priority or required a rush jennifer sullivan komo news complaints of pouring in after a clip from a.

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