ATF agent shot during enforcement operation in Gary, Indiana


An agent of the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms and explosives has been shot in gary wb b nancy hardy joins us live at the anchor desk with details him the agent was working as part of an enforcement operation when he was shot according to a former atf spokesman tom ahern says the officer sustained a non lifethreatening injury you know twenty first and broadway in gary at around twelve thirty we are working to confirm a report that an offender was also shot chicago bureau of the atf is responding to the shooting a month ago an agent was shot in the face in the back of the yards a twenty eight year old gang member has been charged in that case the last year or the bureau sent twenty more agents to chicago for a gun crimes strikeforce reporting live nancy hardy newsradio on one zero five point nine fm municipal officials and activist groups in aurora are finalizing preparations for what will be the city's first ever pride parade this month and political editor craig delamore reports from aurora the.

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