China's Xiaomi prices HK IPO at bottom of range, raises $4.72 billion: sources


The four largest us lenders said they will distribute more than one hundred ten billion dollars through dividends and stock buybacks deutchebanks us unit was the only one of eighteen domestic and foreign banks to receive an objection the company responded that it had made significant investments to improve it's capital planning capabilities as well as controls and infrastructure say tough lamb from the fed on deutsche bank as we discuss salmon and shares in deutsche bank can trade up six cents five cents so underperforming perhaps some of the other banks and interesting corporate story out of asia this morning at the end of the week when we've seen a lot of turmoil in asian and chinese markets show me is said to have raised four point seven billion dollars after pricing hong kong ipo at the low end of a marketed range bloomberg's bryan conscious reports now from hong kong xiaomi price the sale of two point one eight billion shares at seventeen on kong dollars each that would value the chinese smartphone maker at about fifty four billion dollars that's far cry from the initial estimates of one hundred billion xiaomi did attract some key cornerstone investors like qualcomm and china mobile but the timing of this sale has been well less than propitious it was the worst quarter in three years for asian stocks the company had also planned to to offer chinese depositary receipts in shanghai but that has been delayed in hong kong bryan curtis bloomberg daybreak now let's get the latest in global news here's bloomberg's sandra kilhof good morning anna indonesian authorities have shot bali's international airport for a second time in seven months amid a fresh russian of mount argon well conic ashes thrown several miles into the sky of led to the cancellation of four hundred and forty six flights affecting almost seventy five thousand passengers airport at bali were shut down for more than a day and november leading losses of about one billion dollars for the tourism industry five people have been shot dead at the officers of the capital newspaper in the us state of maryland the gunman through smoke grenades us he shorted employees in what's being described as a targeted attack nickel county executive steve shoe says a man is now being questioned the shooter is in custody and being interrogated at this time i want to commend the public safety professionals who were very quick to the scene here within about sixty seconds police say the paper received violent threats on social media prior to yesterday's attack south korea justice ministry is holding an emergency meeting to discuss what to do with more than five hundred yemeni nationals have taken refuge on the resort island of jj doing begs g hailee reports the asylum seekers have sparked an uproar in korea marrying immigration debates and the us and europe as more than half a million koreans have signed petition to kick out the refugees fled to the island which allows foreigners visafree entry for as long as thirty days and sold jay le bloomberg daybreak europe and mexico's peso and bonds have rallied head of going to the polls on sunday to enact their next president being bags eric martin has this report from mexico city the pestle rallied two point two percent the most since march twenty seventeen while the nation's benchmark stock index posted its best performance in two weeks while lopez or is a leftist firebrand his cabinet choice and licensing after the election will likely be well received by markets according to credit agricole global news twenty four hours a day on air net take jack on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts one hundred and twenty countries and kill half this is bloomberg markets bank sandra's straight sports here's callum leslie england will take on columbia in the last sixteen of the world's count the lost one to belgium after making eat changes and leaving taty keen but it's not all bad news protons and reports from russia england joined in the body and kaliningrad because what it means for that same despite losing one melted valjean he's being in a d c drome is going to work this resting total shift around of the players tough job i think we're capable of winning bill bill been disappointed holders belgium made nine changes to the saints play japan who lost one they'll to pull in columbia made it through by beating senegal by the same score elsewhere tunisia beat panama to ireland attempt to scale the twenty twenty series in the.

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