Witness says door to newspaper offices was 'blown to pieces' by gunman


And we begin with the top stories of the day we want to update you on the show the new information that gunman opened fire with a shotgun at the capital gazette an annapolis yesterday leaving five dead the accused gunman is named as a thirty eight year old gerard warren ramos that's the only time you're going to hear his name on our show who apparently held a grudge against the paper that a gazette staying strong kept our deadline and publish the paper this morning at an evening briefing acting anna rondo county police chief william cramp would not name the suspect but sources identify him as jared ramos of nearby laurel maryland we know that there were threats sent to gazette for social the suspect apparently had a specific grudge against this newspaper he entered the building with a shotgun look for his victims as he walked through the lower level five dead several injured cramps did clear up what was earlier reported to be a crude explosive device found inside it was actually canisters of smoke grenades that he used inside of the building when he entered gun a police car was reportedly on the scene here within a minute it is a busy suburban shopping in office area with a one building that houses the capital gazette also having medical offices the suspect reportedly targeted the local paper headquarters though shooting through the front door to get inside one witness says he fired repeatedly the shooter was captured hiding under a desk officials say another official described the act is not well planned tragic as it is there are other offices in the building but witnesses the shooter seemed to have the newspaper in mind the door the capital is that had been blown to pieces and and this guy was holding what looks like a big shotgun moving cross entrance pointing the gun deeper into the office like he was a targeting the victims are identified editor rob hyacinth a wellknown journalist in the area who also worked for the baltimore sun because that's parent sports reporter john mcnamara sales assistant rebecca smith a recent hire a community reporter wendy winters and veteran.

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