Jackie Robinson, Jim Crow and Montgomery Alabama discussed on Fresh Air


They have no illusions about what's really going on here those who attacked the epa and attacked me are doing so because they want to attack and derail the president's agenda and undermined this administration's priorities there are several ongoing investigations into pruitt including one by the white house nathan route npr news the federal judge in manhattan is ordering a court appointed independent official or a special master to be the first to review the documents that were season the fbi's rate on the home and office of president trump's personal attorney michael cohen the special master former federal judge barbara jones will decide which documents may be shielded by attorney client privilege before prosecutors gain access with the unanimous vote by city officials the boston red sox have won their bid to change the name of yawkey way outside fenway park npr's tovia smith says team owners changing the name of the street to distance themselves from history mar by racial discrimination under former owner tom yawkey some called it boston's confederate statue the red sox say honoring yawkey right at fenway front door makes it harder to live down the previous owners sorted legacy not discrimination and the distinction of being the last team in the majors to integrate twelve years after jackie robinson broke the color barrier the sock say the changes needed to move on in a new era of inclusion opponents had argued that yawkey had redeemed himself has his attitudes changed later in life and through the vast philanthropy of his foundations that benefit countless minorities the ocoee foundation called it a sad day saying the city's quote drastic step would give lasting credence to a false narrative and unfairly tarnished jockey's name tovia smith npr news boston this is npr a campaign to ensure america especially the deep south reckons with its history of slavery lynchings of generations of blacks marks a milestone today in montgomery alabama organizers are opening a site that includes hundreds of monuments to the thousands of victims of racial chair carried out by whites the combined museum and memorial is described as the first in the nation documenting the us history from slavery to jim crow to issues of racial inequality today educators in arizona and colorado or walking off the job today and tomorrow protesting low pay an inadequate school funding npr's new national poll conducted with absence shows strong.

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