Atlanta Hawks, coach Mike Budenholzer agree to part ways


Sportscenter allnight espn radio espn app this mother's day show her your appreciation with thirty six sorbet roses for just thirty six dollars from one eight hundred flowers dot com to order go to one eight hundred flowers dot com slash espn sportscenter allnight espn radio and the espn app i'm jay reynolds hawks and coach mike buttonholes are have mutually agreed to part ways it comes a couple of weeks after the hawks completed a fifty eight loss season worst record in the eastern conference tied for third worst in the nba spent five seasons as head coach in atlanta he had success in twenty four twenty fifteen season sixty wins that year went to the eastern conference finals before they lost to the cavaliers we will see where he winds up could be at madison square garden speaking of new york giants jets picking high in the nfl draft on thursday the first pick though of course is in the lap of the cleveland browns espn's josina anderson new browns general manager john dorsey within the last couple hours in the first thing i wanted to know is are you settled with what you're doing at the number one pick and dorsey told me quote i think we are in alignment and everybody understands what's going on here and wendy many believe that the browns are going to take a quarterback with their number one pick and dorsey to that and commented instead to me i think there are five quarterbacks worth discussing we have talked about everything about those quarterbacks and we like where we are i also asked dorsey does johnny manziel tenure impact who you're attracted to or who you do not prefer and he told me we have turned over every stone with these prospects we like all of their personalities and he said i feel like i can tell a prospect soul within the first fifteen minutes of meeting him the other thing that stood out to me with our door sees conversation is that he keeps.

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