Kanye West Returns to Twitter in True Kanye Style


About the welfare of the masses it is about the egos of the elites and i'm just i'm just not something here i was brought up pretty much a liberal i mean i believed that the democrat party was wrong about abortion but i guess they're right about everything else because at inoni better and so so my brothers in the late eighties early nineties got involved in the prolife movement and they started saying things to me were crazy not about the prolife thing but when they told me that the government doesn't put people on welfare to help them but people puts people on on welfare to keep them down to keep them under the thumb i'm like that's crazy talk what are you talking about i'm like for real i just couldn't i just couldn't wrap my mind around it at first but after a while i figured it out number five statement that connie west is tweeting out that dr thomas sowell said today socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade socialism's record of failure oh yeah i mean it's fascinating how many kanye west has twenty eight million followers on twitter i wonder what some of them will think about what he is saying here no what i'm saying i wonder what some of them will think about what he is saying here because these are the kinds of statements that a lot of folks who are into kaanai west have never heard about they haven't accepted or rejected them because they're never heard of him it's like brody i'm talking about here by the way about thomas sowell among classical liberals libertarians and conservatives dr sowell is lauded as a giant brilliant one of the most prolific intellects of modern times a national treasurer someone worthy of a nobel prize at myers have cited dr thomas sowell as a commentator of great originality great depth and breadth clarity of expression thoroughness of research and marshalling of evidence and of lauded his propensity for uncovering surprising facts and statistics and upending conventional wisdom man him in let me let me just roll another one by you hear the kanye has not tweeted yet dr sowell check this out if there is not equality of outcomes among people born to the same parents and raised under the same roof why should equality of outcomes be expected or assumed when conditions are not nearly so comparable.

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