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Right handed batting second basement has walked in flight out apparent comes set throws an esa strike on the side corner update on the parent club and by extension a former sky sox pitcher brewers went six five in cincinnati josh hader becoming the first pitcher ever to strike out eight batters in an outing less than three innings that's domination he's getting her done for sure pitch inside up near the helmet up baretto a breaking ball count as one in one so the brewers snapped their four game slide that was badly needed however their archrival cubs won again over the rockies winning their fifth straight was three to cubs in that one throat a i and back in his fowler winning in that cubs game former northwestern wildcat luke farrell yeah you drop your cal state fullerton stuff i don't have as many guys in the league but when i do got a mention it is i've i've mentioned cal state fullerton on these broadcasts one one pitch way of side again dot goes.

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