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Whatever the motive was. One thing remains clear. The man or men responsible for the Boca mall murders in two thousand seven for never caught. They are three chilling unsolved cases that still haunts south Florida to this day. Six episodes. Six murder victims. Butch, Casey, Marie, Rogers, Sharon Anderson. Randy gore. Berg. Nancy, boo. KiKi. Little Joey Buki Q. There's no happy ending to their stories, no Justice for their family. Every state has something shameful to hide. Florida has more than its share. And you don't have to dig far beneath the surface to find it. People come here to play to retire for a lifestyle that can find nowhere else in America. The the beaches, theon the theme parks, the palm trees, and the warm breezes. Dark side. Of the sunshine state. The authorities. Ask anyone with information about the Randy Gordon Berg killing to call crime stoppers at one eight hundred four, five eight eight four, seven, seven. Thanks for listening to this season. Felonious Florida. We'll be back this fall with bonus episodes and more stories of Florida's most notorious and strangers crimes. Be sure you don't miss feature episodes and bonus material by subscribing on apple podcasts, or by signing up for a free newsletter, FLOPS Florida dot com. Slash newsletter, we'll let you know what's coming up. Please tell your friends about our show and be sure to like our page on Facebook. You can see photographs video and read more about these cases online at the loneliest Florida dot com. You can reach us feedback at Bologna's, Florida dot com to leave comments or ask questions about the cases we're featuring. Felonious Florida is produced by David, shoots Lisa Arthur and me. I also wrote in reported the Boca Moammar case. Editing by David, shoots Randy robust. Sound engineering and production by Cindy Choi, Sean pits, Carleen Jean, and John McCall. The felonious Florida team includes Danny Sanchez, Dana banker year Enzu, and David Seely. Hi, I'm Wanner Checa. If you'd like to support more journalism like this, you can help by joining the Sun-Sentinel south. Florida's leading source for news information and entertainment, visit Sun-Sentinel dot com. Slash join.

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