Which Spice Girl Did Justin Timberlake Hookup With?


Harding's mother in the movie i tanya was on hand cheer on harding at the premiere of dancing with the stars last night over not present we're harding's real life husband and her seven year old son tanya says she chooses to keep her son out of the public eye doesn't get a bonus for having her son or her husband in the audience she does get a bonus for having allison janney and the audience does she get a bonus for having that one lady she her nancy kerrigan money for i don't know tonya harding soon reached peak tanya you're you're your limit oh yeah i'm sorry for tonya harding pop culture will consider all references time paul mccartney metallica childish gambino and arctic monkeys are among the headliners of the austin city limits festival in austin texas over the weekends of october fifth and seventh and the twelfth and the fourteenth and this festival will surface mccartney and metallica sole north american festival dates for twenty eight t coachella that's a little bit of competition that's south by south west no the austin city myself blessed already happened earlier this year finally to justin timberlake hook up with a member of the spice girls gt and the rest of in sinker on ellen today during a game of never have i ever the question never have i ever hooked up with the spice girl was asked and timberlake hesitated before he held up a sign that said i have the audio squeal with excitement we don't know what spice girl it was or when it actually happens i who do you think it is let's just play the game oh really i was going to go baby slutty or maybe you know i feel like posh probably like okay thank you for the update honey dirt alert updates at the top of every hour thus get extended dirt alerts at eight twenty twelve twenty and five twenty four hour and now the colleen and bradley show on.

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