Snap names Amazon's Tim Stone as CFO


A look at what happens when you put blockchain and brooklyn together to really cool story where rob urban senior financial editor at bloomberg news to find out what's going on let's get a check on some of the headlines after the closing bell and look at the world the business here's charlie pellett thank you very much carol massar a big one snap says chief financial officer drew valero is stepping down at his named amazon executive tim stone to replace him stone is currently director of investor relations at amazon snap shares advancing after hours they're up now by about one percent an update on wall street the dow the sp nasdaq all venting stock did finish off their session highs at the best level the dow was up more than two hundred sixteen points ended the day with a gain of ninety four up by four tenths of one percent snp up nine also four tenths of one percent nasdaq up fifty five again there of eight tenths of one percent federal reserve reports demand for consumer credit slowed in march registering the smallest increase in six months just eleven point six billion dollars and with more here's bloomberg's vinny del jude is americans are pausing with the plastic the amount of credit card debt outstanding dropped the lowest and more than five years that followed a ten percent increase in the closing months of last year at the same time auto loans picked up any.

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