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Result of the parkland parkland florida school shooting all the latest news is one of the victims herons his name is andrew pollock decided to file a lawsuit in broward county where the school is against scott peterson naming scott peterson that's the sheriff's deputy who was assigned to that high school marjory stoneman douglas high school that day and if you remember the story he stayed outside didn't go in didn't engage the shooters and the father here andrew pollock blames a lot of people but that's one of the people he blames that they they did not do enough to stop this he he tweeted this yesterday i filed a wrongful death suit against deputy peterson today i want to expose that powered use the word cowards so bad wherever he goes i want people to recognize him and say that's one of the cowards abroad the school resource officer that let those children and teachers die on the third floor that's what the parents of one of the students set pretty harsh words but the question is really will we start to see this we've had lawsuits related to criminal activity and law enforcement before police shootings is probably the best example but a mass shooter situation where it wasn't the sheriff was perpetrating it was it was somebody else the sheriff was unseen and according to this parrot he didn't engage their thereby in the parent's opinion costing lives this is something i think a little bit different than what we've seen talked about previously where people have had enough and you can argue that this is just the country we live in and the price of freedom all that stuff but something has changed you there's a difference in this response if we didn't see after sandy hook we can see after columbine before that this is something different and and there is a a notion among some people gun rights advocates included that this was a game changer i think this lawsuit potentially could be that now i'll say this about law enforcement i'm not a fan of second guessing lawn and i don't know that you could ever understand somebody who's in that situation whether that that sheriff's deputy didn't know while he was standing on the outside that building or didn't engage specific reason.

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