Stevenson, Dan Ryan and Foxconn discussed on The Steve Dahl Show


Ryan forty one minutes from downtown to ninety fifth about twentythree on in outbound i forty four post office to wolf forty on in stevenson out fifty two from the drive to the tristate twenty eight inbound southbound tri state forty two atoms the stevenson northbound trip thirty four no delays on i fifty seven or the bishop ford right now and accident outbound dan ryan at eighty third it is being pulled off to the side next traffic update in about fifteen minutes wls business while we didn't know exactly where foxconn could put its headquarters has north american headquarters when they announced that they were going to build a facility right across the border there in wisconsin but today they've announced that they have purchased a downtown milwaukee wisconsin building to house its north american headquarters on wall street the dow closed down eighty four points the nasdaq was down about fifteen and the sp was down three points get news on the hour the half and when it breaks continuous coverage at wlsamcom more the steve doll show on the.

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