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The payments of the best way to avoid risking seizure of its mining assets they're rich in copper and cobalt and a key part of glencore strategy of profiting from the demand for electric car batteries ed corry bloomberg radio a revolt by mckesson investors has cut chief executive officer john hammons pay by ten percent the international brotherhood of teamsters led a campaign against mckesson executive pay plan in two thousand seventeen after accusing the company of aggravating opioid epidemic the board responded by trimming hammerstein's twenty eighteen pay by almost two million dollars and making changes to the compensation process lucy excuses harvard of discriminating against asian american applicants the same way it one set quotas on jewish students the plaintiffs say they have evidence at harvard has engineered the admissions process to achieve illegal goals harvard has said it does not discriminate coming up the latest on china tariffs i'm emma chandra this is bloomberg join bloomberg and top institutional investors in frankfurt this june for the future of ntfs gain unparalleled insight into europe's growing etf market from city groups european head of market structure james van god's president and chief executive officer tim buckley fritzy russel's head of etf's kenner keith and.

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