Devin Nunes: Staff have felt threatened by Rod Rosenstein


For their bias against trump so i mean okay again will justice be carried out for these five i don't know i don't know the answer to that i'm not i'm not overwhelmingly hopeful because of the history we have here president obama the third point fox makes here president obama was one of the thirteen individuals with whom hillary clinton had direct contact using her clinton email dot com account of course obama was using a fake name right to communicate and he told us that the reason he knew about hillary's fake e here her private email account that she was using for government business was because he saw that on the news when the rest of us did he didn't know anything else about that of course he was emailing that account but that that doesn't amount to anything it despite number four despite clinton connections former assistant attorney general peter cads iq and former deputy director andrew mccabe didn't fully recused themselves now they found that mccabe really didn't necessarily have to recuse himself but there's all sorts of conflicts of interest right you have you know spouses of these folks that are connected and other ways to folks that are connected at clinton oftentimes many times with the clintons themselves all sorts of a web of webs of connection like that number five says in support komi was found to be insubordination he repeatedly violated policy and inaccurately described the legal situation surrounding clinton's emails we talked about that earlier right he called it a matter rather than an investigation i remember having discussions on facebook with folks about this hillary is not being investigated this is a matter what this is the kind of stuff that we collectively have allowed to pass as.

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