How Much Pressure Does Magic Johnson Face to Improve the Lakers?


Can they beat the golden state warriors in a seven game series it definitely gets more interesting but i still don't think they're better than the warriors would that combination of place but it would be the biggest test i think for the wars that we've seen and houston hey pushing the seven games and chris paul was hurt for game six and seven i still think the words will be king's but i'd love to see it i pay to see lebron paul george in kuwa leonard here's why i think it could happen to jeff magic johnson was not hired to be some cheerleader for the lakers to be some ambassador for the lakers he was higher for one purpose to significantly upgrade the talent in the twenty eighteen and twenty eight nineteen free agency pools this is when he's supposed to make his mark they brought him magic because of his relationship his ability that they thought he had in attracting talent they wanted him to bring in a lebron they wanted him to bring in type magic's job is on the line with the team like the lakers in the next two years i think so i think he's under a lot of pressure pull this together he was babysitting last year was lonzo good that he showed some sure did kuzma do the same shore but you're not winning a championship with that group anytime soon if you can add some veteran players at small stars like lebron and paul george chris paul you do it and you make a run at these warriors i think magic johnson will do everything in his power to try to put this super team together because he knows man in twenty nineteen jeff if he has not significantly upgraded that talent pool he's gonna be in trouble i don't care what he has to that lakers franchise they will let him go like every other person has been a part of that organization because that franchise expects to win and they expect to capitalize off this market this summer i like the lakers chances here because i think there's a lot of cachet with magic johnson i do i understand the vision in los angeles i know why magic has that job look he has been very confident i.

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