Trump sets tariffs on $50 billion in Chinese goods; Beijing strikes back


Wbz newsradio ten thirty an iheartradio station wbz news time eight thirty currently fifty five degrees under cloudy skies in boston on this friday june fifteenth good morning i'm josh binswanger wbz news an afghan defence ministry official reports that a us drone strike in eastern afghanistan has killed a key pakistani taliban leader we get more from cbs cami mccormick at the pentagon the us military isn't commenting on the report mullah fazlullah was killed it said in a statement only that a us counterterrorism strike was carried out thursday near the border region between afghantistan in pakistan and it targeted a senior leader of a designated terrorist organization that's lula is one of pakistan's most wanted militants he's been connected to a string of high profile attacks those little is also known for ordering the attack that targeted malulu yes who's i in twenty twelve president trump has approved a plan to impose tariffs of fifty billion dollars of chinese goods we get more from correspondent peter king the trump administration is about who impose fifty billion dollars tariffs on chinese imports china's promises immediate retaliation correspondent ben tracy in beijing you could expect china would go after things like american soybeans that american beef the chinese do already have a list of their own a fifty billion dollars worth of us products that would face terrifies skype wall street journal senior editor bob davis says us consumers will feel the pinch will mean higher prices i mean it's just that's what tariffs are there basically attacks it's kind of like a sales tax plan could set the stage for a series of trade actions against china the inspector general report on the fbi is handling of the hilary clinton email probe finds no evidence that james comey's decision making was driven by proclinton political bias but it heavily criticises komi for publicly revealing information about the clinton probe in a news conference shortly before the election in addition the report finds the komi used a personal g mail account for official government business while fbi director on several occasions world cup action underway this it's morning no score yet between egypt and uruguay in the first half president trump gave congratulations to patriot's owner bob kraft this morning after north america won the bid to host the twenty twenty six world cup the president thanked craft regarding advice around the bid craft is widely credited with convincing the president to support it in the meantime wbz's karyn regal has the governor's reaction sarker.

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