Brian Bowens and Sarajean Jacobs: Criminal couple wanted in King County


After a long wait times you may recall last sunday at one airport official actually called their worst day ever michelle esteban investigators searching for a man who was caught being indecent in front of a seven year old girl she showered at a casino island park the incident happened may twenty seventh the girl's mother entered a bathroom a can of each park and found the man near her daughter she chased the man out manage to rip off his shirt and hoodie is he ran witnesses saw him getting a vehicle driven by another man and they took off washington state parks were leading the investigation asked the island county sheriff's office to release information on the case including a vague description of the suspect is say he's in his early twenties about twenty to thirty pounds over eight overweight that is with short reddish hair and we're learning a washington trucker who say's linked by dna evidence to the nineteen eightyseven deaths of a young canadian couple has been charged with two counts of aggravated first degree murder the daily herald reporting that fifty five year old william earl talbot the second of seatac was charged friday authorities say they used information from public genealogy websites depend point talbot has a suspect that arrested him after getting a dna sample from a.

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