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Espn radio sportscenter i'm john brickley wednesday night saw drew bledsoe barry rosier romance finally meet in person for the first time in the grand scheme of things the celtics are returning to the eastern conference finals for the second straight year one fourteen one boston philly setting up a rematch with lebron james and the cavs as for philly trust the process led to a seventeen game win streak entering the postseason the number three seed in the east and for coach brett brown only way to go up if we all sat in that room when we met on september whatever it was and said we're gonna finish third in the eastern conference we're gonna lose in the semi finals of the eastern conference is a strong chance we all would have been hugging each other the initial goal was to make the playoffs meanwhile game one of the eastern conference finals begins sunday in boston on espn radio abc cavs and the celtics the yankees seventeen now over the last eighteen games following a nine six victory against the red sox aaron judge with a two run home run now with nine rbi in his last six games the mets bat out of order in the first inning against the red lofton the tenth on a walk off home run garrett cole with six innings one run and striking out nine in the astros four one win over the as nfl news detroit lions president rod would said he was unaware that matt patricia was indicted twenty two years ago for an alleged sexual assault but said the team had no regrets about pirate patricia as their head coach and golf the players championship teeing off on espn floss with coverage starting at seven thirty a.

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