Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrests climb nearly 40% in New York City


Welcome to mid day on wnyc i'm jonathan kaye part the overall number of new yorkers getting arrested and jailed is at an historic low but the number arrested by immigration and customs enforcement also known as is that's on the rise ice arrests in new york city increased by nearly forty percent from two thousand sixteen to twenty seventeen today brenna talk to talk about the ice detention facilities where these restes go and wet this is like for undocumented immigrants and their families with us in the studio is attorney jessica of the nyu immigrant rights clinic and janus ho sane of the new sanctuary coalition of new york city we're also joined by sylvia ryerson journalist who's making audio postcards for family members to send to their loved ones in detention via the radio just get john silvia welcome to mid day thanks thank you for having us so just we'll actually we should note we believe that ice detainees new jersey are tuning in to this show right now we'll be playing clips of audio postcards that their families made for them so we'll we'll get to that in a little bit jessica let me start with you approximately how many people are in is detention facilities in in the new york city metro area right now so i think the numbers are a bit unclear where folks are actually detained who hail from the new york city region at bergen hudson and essex facilities which are in new jersey and then orange county jail which is in gauche in new york there are about eleven hundred folks detained in the new jersey generally but the numbers are unclear and what we do know is that there as you mentioned are many more folks being arrested in two thousand seventeen so i think the number from two thousand seventeen is about two thousand nine hundred seventy six folks and the two thousand sixteen number was about seventeen hundred sixty two and the other thing that i just note is that one reason folks are detained is because there is.

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